Last Hexagon Program Review

This is a photo of the HEXAGON Program Review Meeting for the last mission (flight #20). The meeting was held on February 6, 1986 at Perkin-Elmer. This meeting was held 2 ½ months before this mission exploded about 1000 feet above the pad at Vandenberg AFB on April 18, 1986. The list of participants (provided by Air Force Colonel Phil Datema), is as follows:

Front row (sitting):  Jim. Lewis (PE), Lt.Kathy Dixon (AF/Program Office), Capt Stephen Gourley (AF/PO/1218 PM), Lt Col.Phil Datema (AF/HEXAGON Payload PM), Len Farkas (PE/1218 PM), Capt Don Aguirre (AF/PO), Vic Abraham (PE/HEXAGON PM)

Second Row:  Al Cardenas (AF/Contracts), Nick Izzo (PE), Jim Kiraly (PE), Bill Lynch (PE), Dan Bernstein (Aerospace), Duane Wickholm (Aerospace), Paul Belia (PE), Frank Finnerty (PE), Bill Macafferty (PE/WCFO), Howie Cummings (PE), Bill Mitchell (PE)

Third row: Arnie Wallace (PE), W. Straub (PE), Bill Deane (PE), Bob Zarba (PE/WCFO),  R. Melberger (PE), Al Thompson (PE/WCFO, Chet Sokol (PE)), Don Armstrong (PE/WCFO), J. Emmerson (?)

Fourth Row: L. Lindstrom (PE), Jerry Elder (AF Security), Bill Heidbreder (DMA), Don Berns (AF/DCAS) J. O’Connor (PE), R. Rau (PE), J. Stewart (PE?), George Manolis (PE/WCFO), Frank Harrigan (PE/WCFO), R. Licarie (PE), 

Missing: Capt Mike Dunn (AF/Program Office), Capt Randy Cohen (AF/Program Office)


Program Review Meeting in the mid eighties.jpg