West Coast Field Office

Perkin-Elmer had a group of approximately 100 employees who supported the Hexagon program. They were located at Lockheed in Sunnyvale, California. They were known as the WCFO (West Coast Field Office) team.


Here's a photo (courtesy of Tom O’Neill) of a lot of the WCFO crowd and a couple of customers folks. The photograph was taken in Murphy Park Sunnyvale California (1-24-2012) before the Gambit & Hexagon Celebration at Lockheed Martin. George Manolis took the photo and he is shown in a separate photo. The park was the site of many picnics-in-the-park during the HEXAGON haydays.

WCFO at theParkbeforetheGambit&HexigonCelebration1-24-2012.jpg

From Left to Right:

Al Thompson--Bill Fullerton--Pete Krump--Jim Florang-- Bob Zarba--Dominic Pascale--Dave Raspet--HB Tanner--Ed Woyshner and Tom O'Neill (kneeling). 

George Manolis.jpg

George Manolis

Collage Pictures of WCFO Personnel.jpg

Also shown is a collage of the whole WCFO team but unfortunately too small to read the names.