Fishing with Sam Palasciano

After a diligent search Sam Palasciano found two old photographs of a fishing trip with some Perkin-Elmer colleagues and a few unknowns. Several boats left together from Point Judith harbor, Rhode Island in 1983.

He attempts to identify those in the groups. In the kitchen scene are left to right: Sam, Al Pirone, ?, John Savitski, ?, Bob Kelley, Frank Scott, John Montouri, Bob Browbne, Dick Whittlesey, ?. 

At the docks are left to right: Frank Scott, ?, ?, John Montouri, John Savitski, Al Pirone, Bob Browne, Bob Kelley, Dick Whittlesey.

If anyone has photos of other PE related folks please email them to me at 

Sam fishing 83.jpg