A recollection of the Beginnings of the Hexagon Program By Art Weinstein

In early, 1964 the Corporate Controller (Tom Kindilien) formed the Project Accounting Group within the Electro-Optical Division and persuaded myself (Art Weinstein) to rejoin the Accounting Department from his stint at Project Administration at the Connecticut Avenue facility (which many of us will know was the originator of the Hexagon Program).

From the onset, the principal task was to submit a proposal (aka ”Special Project”) fora camera that would be housed within a satellite. The group was composed of a small group of engineers, tech writers, project administers and an accountant, who were tasked to write and price the proposal was located behind a locked door in 50 Danbury Road (later dubbed “The Wilton Hilton”). Just a small sample (not to slight any that I don’t remember) of the personnel responsible for writing the proposal were (Engineers: Dick Babish, Earle Browne, Bob Landsman , Project Administration: Bob Forsythe, Tom Doherty, Finance:  Ed Ronan, Art Weinstein , Technical Documentation & Writing: Bob Ogden, John Restivo).   

My fond memories of people like Charlie Karatzas, Dick Babish and Paul Petty will extend long after the announcement (in the fall of 1966) of $30 million award (for the newspapers) by Mike Maguire of a major government contract.  Needless to say that was one of instigators that caused P-E stock to catapult from the Thirties to the Eighties within a relatively short period and then many happy memories (follow the 20 missions (and unfortunately # 20 was sorrowful).