Briefing President Ford by CIA Director George Bush, Sr. on Hexagon photo

As an example of how important the Hexagon spy satellite imagery photos was to security, here is a photo of former President George Bush, Sr (on the left) when he was Director of the CIA briefing then President Ford (on the right) in 1974 about the middle east using a Hexagon reconnaissance photo.  Previously  President Nixon had signed the SALT Treaty (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) with the Soviet Union based on Hexagon's superb photography. Also, President Reagan was able to say during his presidency "Trust but Verify." Historians have identified the Hexagon program as the key to keeping peace in the world during the cold war by doing the verification. 

Director of the CIA George H.W. Bush briefing President Ford on the middlel east in 1974 with a Hexagon photo of the middle east (from the CIA) .jpg