Designers and Draftsmen in the 1970's

This is a 1970’s photo of some of the Danbury PE design and drafting personnel who created design drawings for the Hexagon program. CAD did not exist in those days and everyone used large drafting boards. The drawings were created in pencil on transparent drafting paper and if a change had to be made, erased and corrected or totally re-drawn. When finished, the tracing paper was put through a large machine containing ammonia that then developed the final blueprint on a special paper. The ammonia smell, especially for large drawings, lasted for weeks.

As best I remember the names from left to right were: Al Gasper, Tom O’Mara (manager), Ray Schneider, unknown, unknown, Don Boughton (bearded and later Mayor of Danbury), unknown, Tom Hayden, Jack Gearin, Juneau Voller, Gil Gonzalez and Ralph Forsberg. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of many other designers who worked on the program. They all were skilled and made many significant contributions.  

I ask that any Perkin-Elmer former employee or still currently working please send me any photos, memories or stories about your days at PE. My email is

Design &    Drafting, JPEG .jpg