Photos of PE Danbury in 1968 and 1982

Notice the differences between the two photos. The one taken on 2-19-68 was taken from plane and shows the original site when we all moved in it in 1968. You can barely see a car. The photo taken in 1982 was taken by Hexagon's mission 17 from over 100 miles up. You can see route 7 and to the left the Danbury airport. You can also notice that the building has grown greatly and to the right of the driveway you can see a white line that is the dam for the pond. 

PE  Danbury 2-19-68 from an  airplane.jpeg
Perkin-Elmer, Danbury, CT 9:10:82 mission 17.jpg

Perkin-Elmer's new look in 1982 in a photo taken by the Hexagon satellite from over 100 miles in space